How to care for my jewellery

we need to be aware that metals are susceptible to the natural occurrence of oxidisation. this happens in some of the metals we use in jewellery-making too, especially the ones  containing copper, such as sterling silver and brass. we notice this as change in colour on the surface of the jewellery. in jewellery this is known as tarnish. the best ways to keep this to a minimum is to store your clean and dry jewellery in an airtight container when you aren't wearing it

tarnish can be aggravated by the acids and oils on our skin, the natural ones or the ones in creams and perfumes. we can keep this to a minimum by wearing our jewellery in the shower - thereby washing off the daily build-up, or wearing it on a longer chain so it is not always touching the skin.

some people have a highly acidic skin and will tarnish their jewellery much quicker, try as we might. if you know this is you, you might want to request a polished finish as it does seem to be a bit more resistant and easier to buff up at home with a polishing cloth, but sometimes this means you just need to stick to 18ct gold. (additional charges will moist likely apply for polished finish)

but please know that tarnish is normal, your jewellery is by no means defective. we embrace it and the "antuique" look that comes with it, often even chemically enhancing it for contrast. as you will notice, we are not all about the blingy-shiny over here. i like to think of tarnish as the way the jewellery interacts with its environment and with you

How to clean my jewellery

for me it works to wear my jewellery until it is "clean" again, in the shower and all the time. you polish it by handling it and clean it automatically in the shower. this does not work for everyone but give this a go

you are welcome to drop off or send in your jewellery for a professional studio clean. delivery charges will apply 

for at-home cleaning we recommend washing-up liquid and a scourer, gently in a circular motion under running water, or gently reapplying the finish with a fine sandpaper sponge available from hardware stores

Can you manufacture your designs in gold

YES for sure! please do make an inquiry if you would like any of my designs manufactured in gold. because of the up and down nature of the gold price I don't list fixed prices on the shop but i will do a quotation for you that is valid for 7 days. and we just add a week manufacturing  on the normal time

What finish will my jewellery have?

my range of jewellery has a brushed, controlled scratch or satin finish. a polished finish can be requested at an additional charge. I’m not a big fan of the bling and i dont really think it suits my style but  everyone has different tastes so for custom orders we can discuss the finish. 

Where does your packaging come from?

i print on recycled paper and cut and fold all my little boxes myself. the outside safety box i use is salvaged and repurposed  - please recycle and re-use

Can i order during the COVID-19 lockdown?

yes of course you can, i will be able to complete most orders with the supplies that i have and courier your order to you or arrange for contact free collection where possible

How do I find my finger size?

the best thing would be if you could visit me in my studio in Bellville so I can take your finger size myself. This is not always possibly but luckily most mall jewellers will be happy to assist you.

How long before I receive my order?

When your order is confirmed by proof of payment  I will start making it for you immediately and the courier will collect it from me within 5 working days. please send me a special message if it is super urgent and i can do my utmost to get it finished soonest

Do you use lazer-cutting?

not at all, everything you see is hand made by me, hand-cut and carved and unique


How big is the bracelet?

The bracelets come in 3 sizes and all have a little extension chain of hand made links at the end that allows you to adjust the size, but of course you can measure the wrist it is for and let me know the size you need

  1. Adult: 16,5 -18,5cm
  2. Kids: 14 - 16,5cm
  3. Baby: 10 - 13cm

How long are the chains

The 2 standard lengths  I offer is 45cm, 50cm and 60cm  but if you do require a special length we can certainly talk about it

What metals do you use?

The white metal is sterling silver, the red is copper, the yellow metal is brass and the black metal is oxidised sterling silver

What is oxidising?

It is a surface treatment that turns sterling silver black

Are the chains also sterling silver?

Yes all necklace chains and bracelet chains and catches are sterling silver. You can also order them oxidised (black)

Can I order my pendent on a black chain

Yes of course –  I will be happy to oxidise your silver chain for you, just ask. I think the contrast of silver on black is lovely.  Please note that oxidising is a surface treatment that does wear off with time.


Where does the jewellery come from?

Everything you see at IMJ Studio is designed and made by me in my studio at my home in the Northern suburbs of Cape Town, South Africa. I hand-make everything myself and will only send out something that I think is beautifully made. For this reason it is also very easy for us to start a conversation if you have specific requirements.

Can I commission a custom piece?

yes please - if you like my style and what I do but you have something specific in mind that you want made - just start the conversation and together we will get there. email inge.marais@gmail.com

I'm looking for something that I saw on your social media or in a shop but it is not on the online shop - can I still order it?

Of course you can - I am happy to make any of my other designs for you - even if they are not represented here. please just email me to order: inge.marais@gmail.com

Do you do corporate gifting?

we've done some beautiful projects working with a customer's own business logo - not all logos want to become silver pendants but some are really great for it. if you order a large batch we can discuss a good price. please email to chat about it. inge.marais@gmail.com

I have another question – what should I do?

Please email me directly on inge.marais@gmail.com