So for this group show we are asked to make a one-of- a-kind piece: the folks who buy it know it will not be reproduced. that means a lot of experimenting and time goes into creating one piece - that is part of what makes it super special: knowing you own something that is the only one of its kind, in the world, ever - the result of lots of thinking and planning. now, that may seem like a lot of effort for just one piece but  it all feeds into and inspires new work. i think of it as the catwalk piece that informs future pieces.

i want to use some of the elements of my "catwalk piece" to make simpler dangly earrings. so far my earring repertoire is generally limited to studs and designing a dangly earring hook that suits my brand has been on my to-do list for ages. now, riding the creative wave of this show, ive finally gotten around to it. jay - looking forward to the new world of the dangly earring and all the new possibilities it will bring

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