when i assemble these earrings i keep thinking about that joke - i cant quite recall how it goes - something like, what did the monk order from the hotdog stand: one with everything. . .

i mentioned in my earlier blog the title of these earring:


as the title suggests - you have options here. each earring consists of a sterling silver main  front earring and then any of the 8 fine silver, yellow gold and sterling silver elements can be added on to create the earring you feel like wearing for the occasion. in the image you can see the earring on the left is "one with everything" and the one on the right models a more toned-down look

because of the loose elements, a pouch was necessary - an integral part of this composition. now, i like to think im a fair cook and i have the time spent in the kitchen observing my mom to thank for that. unfortunately her sewing skills did not rub off on me in the same way. thankfully i was able to defer to her expertise and together we could create the desired end-product

as always - thanks mamma

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  • As aways, only with love!


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