Remember when you had loads of time?

I remember a time as a masters student when I would go to the computor centre every Tuesday and write up the whole Monday, in excruciating detail, bits of dialogue and all. Not only was it an excellent excersice in memory and perception but it also forced (self-imposed) me to take out the time to sit, reflect and write

Writing, heck I used to love writing. But I think when everyone and everything in your live is in constant flux there is just so much more to write about. Plus there is the time. No responsibilities other than discovering who you are and being creative

But we need to remind ourselves to carve out time for that, we must. That is why I am so excited about this scetchbook project. I'm forcing myself to make time for drawing, an utterly selfish act, much like writing


Now I'm thinking how do I decide what deserves to go in the book, I only have x amount of pages, what is book-worthy. It's always good to choose a theme to help you keep on track with a project. It's forming vaguely, I think it's going to be about exploring my own drawing style with different techniques and media and about being observant, noticing the beautiful and the funny in everyday things as well as the  antithesis  to that: drawing from imagination

As for subject matter: me

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