I am always chomping at the bit to do things, when you ask me I do it straight away, because I am so eager to see the thing I pictured in my mind take shape in my hands. I am excited and curious to see how it will turn out. I've had to wait for this one and now the time is finally here 

we are working with the family crest and incorporating all of the elements in an reinterpretation of the signet  ring. Instead of all the elements being on top in a traditional family crest, they are going around outside of the band. I'm carving a section to simulate a rope, there is a part that represents a belt, a stamped bit of the family creed and then there is this little handcarved acorn with which I am absolutely in love

I just want to say I am having a good time and Ill show you when they are done. I'm making two of the same ring for sisters

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  • Daai akkertjie is Absoluut exquisite!

    René Marais

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