when i was living in London my mom missed the hell out of me. she bridged the gap by sending me parcels. wonderful parcels with home-made cookies and clothes and make-up. . . whenever a parcel arrived the whole Dower and Hall workshop would come to a standstill to crowd around me as i unpacked one treasure after the other - oooh and aaaahing at how lucky i was.

and i returned the favour - when you are far away from loved ones sending a parcel is like sending a hug. when you open it, for a few minutes, it feels like you are together. its the same with handwritten letters. we were away when my brother and his wife were expecting their first child - the first grandchild of our family. as a way to stay connected i crocheted a baby blanket for them. i remember my mom said my sister-in-law cried when she received it

for me, doing the work, putting in the time, the ritual of making, is how i show i care. of course not everyone is able to do this so i count myself lucky. an the final touch is in the wrapping.

what got me started on this whole tangent is finding a picture of an object i made for my moms birthday while still living abroad. it was the first kingfisher ever - this is my mom's bird - she didnt choose it - i assigned it to her. if you know my mom it might be obvious why. so when i was working at Dower and Hall we were allowed to make our own stuff in the workshop in out lunch breaks and after hours. i had bought this bit of silver sheet-metal. now, i was used to being able to melt and remake my silver any way i pleased, back home. but not in london - they dont really do that. you get this perfect bit of sheet-metal from the shop- with that blue scratch preventing sticky stuff over it, like on a new phone screen - and you only get one shot. it makes you think twice. 

in the 5 years only one parcel ever went missing

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  • What wonderful sweet and painful memories this has brought back. Wearing and touching a gift made with such love is like a live wire connecting us to one another,i have an almost superstitious believe that touching something you have made for me, somehow brings us close. Luv u more than you can ever know. Mom


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