I finished the assembly of the  maidenhair fern ring today


originally i planned to solder all the leaves together, swage them as a unit and then solder them on top of the delicate beaten band. I had made the band with a slight curve on top that would follow the curve of the leaves. then i realised that to get the curve of the leaves to line up with the curve of the ring, with no ring sticking out under the leaves, would be rather tricky. so i decided instead to attach the leaves one at a time. it makes more sense really - to solder on the leaves to follow the curve of the band and dictate to me how they want to sit. we finished with a polish  - which we all know is not my favourite - but i must admit it suits this 18ct gold beautifully. job done - all smiles


on a separate, personal note

my mom discovered my old Barbie suitcase in the "attic". a treasure trove of hand-knitted jumpers, bicycles and all my old Barbies. they dont make them like they used to. at the risk of giving away my age, its a thrill to see my little daughter get so much pleasure out from my kit that must be about 30 years old. . . 

i think i was in the kitchen when i heard the blood curdling cry - and i knew something BAD had happened.  i rushed in, my little one in inconsolable tears, jeepers i thought, how did you hurt yourself? not her, it was barbie - her head had broken off - proper broken. so that is part of what i did today, with the help of some trusty superglue - Barbie is in recovery, watching me as i write this


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  • Luv die ring! So delikaat, jy kan so trots wees.
    En jammer om te hoor van die Barbie skok😢


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