so what ive been working on the last couple of days is for an old friend. we worked together at Tokara restaurant - that was during my Masters days - student by day, waitress by night. sjoe those were some good times, i love hearing from her because i reflect back on that phase - staying up late with co-workers who were also the best of friends, drinking wine around the fire or going dancing. hehehe - things are very different now - we all have litte humans and gardens and dogs now


so what we did: she sent me a giant white gold ring - a beautiful dark grey colour. she wanted a  heart charm ring. as the project progressed i realized we were going to have a wedge of gold left and asked if i can surprise her with the leftovers. so now besides the ring she wanted she is also getting 2 beaten bands in 2 different gauges, as well as a pair of long stick studs. i made them at 16mm so it almost sticks past the earlobe - its nice. why not use it (old goldl), if its just going to sit there  

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