Ive completed the second test for applying texture to a tiny maidenhair fern leaf. i am very pleased with the results - engraving it by hand


eventhough i am by no means a master hand-engraver, i do so love playing with it. i never make any promises because i still never know how it will come out. this is something people specialize in. one of the reasons i enjoy engraving is because it always takes me back to my student days and setting class with mister Mig. some of us dreaded that class, a whole day of it on Thursdays, but i always looked forward to it. at the university it seemed the focus was always a bit more on the creative, pushing the boundaries (which is great) yet i always craved the fundamentals of jewellery making too, the technical stuff, the why and the how and setting class was all about that. that and the smell of setting wax, mmmmmm. . .

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