A million years ago, when we were young and carefree, my beloved took me to Paris via Eurostar from London. It was pure magic. We stayed in Montemartre in a little hotel on rue lepic where we, for the first time had the thrill of our last names being pronounced in proper French (Celliers and Marais) . Looking out our window onto the cobbled street you could spy a specialty shop for meat, for cheese, for bread. It was summer and humid and all of a sudden the heavens just opened and we were drenched, running to a cafe to buy tiny beers for 4 euro. 

In the morning he would pop out for fresh chocolate croissants and coffee and then we just roamed around

We were so broke, the euro was stronger than the pound at that time so all I brought home with me was this tiiiiny little heart pendant, my most treasured thing, that I bought for 5 euro when I had no money but so much magic and love and happiness, oh it was so wonderfull

That little heart and experience is what inspired this heart

the heart is tiny (9mm)but fairly thick and heavy, brass at the front, silver at the back. It has red enamel paint in the little heart and is oxidised black in the crown


  • Wat n pragtige verhaaltjie.
    Pragtige land pragtige stad.
    Was ook miljoen jaar gelede daar.
    Mag hierdie hartjie nog vele hate inspireer. Jy is ster gehalte Inge.

  • And how blessed am I to also own one of these treasures, even more special having read your connection to it. I can imagine you two, carefree and in love, experiencing the city of love. There is no other place like it!
    Again, something to wear and touch and always keep us close!
    Love you…. like I always say to your precious kids….. to the moon and back!


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