when i was looking for inspiration for a page in the sketchbook i found these wallpapers, nice and dark and full of detail. i love a picture that you can spend time in - where you can look around at the different areas in the drawing and pick out your favourite bits. a lot of the time, when i was drawing for this book it came down to things i just draw without thinking for my kids - animals. my biggest fan (my fella) said i have to draw my wolf with the big bushy tail so that became the focal point for this drawing. and the previous page was just black and white so i thought it was time to go colour mad in this one. in my personal iconography a robin (or a fox) will always be a reference to london winter  - i know he is completely out of place in a tropical jungle setting, but hey - he comes out when i draw - and what else is imagination good for if it is not for bending the rules. i love that we have the ability to conjure something up completely out of our minds from all the images we cannot help absorbing along the way

now i have one single page left to fill before i have to send my book to Brooklyn, and i have stagefright becasue i dont want it to be finished. this has been a wonderful trip. i think i will just keep filling books on my own time


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