There is so much to say here, im not sure where to start

lets start with the practical bits. i know my client well, she loves the way i work and in the best possible client/me relationship - she gives me a lot of freedom. the brief was: a bracelet. so the concept i put forward was a "charm" bracelet - where each segment represents something that is meaningful to this one specific person

i had 9 topics/concepts/images to design around. i wanted to play with layers and levels and different ways of creating an image on metal, staying in the monotone of silver with varying degrees of "clean" that provides the only colour contrast. i approached each one completely as an individual. what ties them all together is that they are the same basic shape and thickness, and on the back of each is some writing - what i call free stamping, of the feelings and reasons she expressed for choosing each symbol, her own words. 

It was challenging at times, turning large concepts into visualisations, on a rather small scale. i feel the responsibility of taking care of the things that have meaning, this is not a task i come to frivolously and i am proud of what we achieved here

i am excited to hand it over, this one in a million object that has completely taken over my waking and sleeping hours for the last few weeks. and i am also going to miss it

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  • Sou dit so graag wou sien!

    Rene Marais

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