i dont really know anything about cars: i am car-blind - they all look the same to me

still, somehow, i do possess a sense of what i think is cool for cars. its about proportions, colours and lines and i think a lot of that sense developed since i started playing with my son's Hotwheels. . .regularly

seeing as boys get left out a lot in the jewellery department im on a mission to make up for that and decided to construct a car for my boy. it will be a wearable piece [ i will wear it; he will play with it ]  but it will still work - turning wheels and such. and i will not be precious about it - if he wants to play with it and "give it character" - that is his prerogative

when my husband arrived home yesterday and let out an unsolicited "Heck! that's a cool car!" i knew that id nailed it (he knows about cars)

now starts the next phase - getting the design cut-ready. Im going to work in brass just so i dont have to feel restricted, and I'm thinking each set of wheels is going to have to be double so that it can be freestanding. ill let you know how it went

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  • Can’t wait. What a wonderful way to include our precious boy!


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